Top 5 Wireless Security Cameras in 2017

Wireless security cameras are the best option for home and business surveillance without requiring extra man power. The brands and uses of cameras in the market vary; the remote access ones can be used to monitor caregivers and children back at home whereas the outdoor ones allow for homeowners to view who is at the door or monitor the perimeters of their houses. Wireless security cameras

Wireless security cameras are equipped with sound and motion sensors that send an alert to users if triggered. In situations where wired security systems are not a viable option, wireless security cameras are the best to install. Knowing the brands and features of cameras in the market plays a fundamental role in making an informed decision before buying one. Some of the top 5 brands in 2017 are as follows;

Dropcam Pro

This has been praised in reviews as an easy to install monitoring kit for indoor use. It has a great clarity and image quality of 1080p as well as a 130 degree field of view and night vision. Unlike most other brands, it has a zooming feature that allows users to focus on a particular area.

There is no configuration needed for this camera; no memory card changes, no Ethernet cables and no need to set up servers. All surveillance is done in a cloud after installing.

Dropcam Pro

This easy to use system, with all its features can be bought for 150-200$. This is definitely a good bargain for such a versatile and sound home surveillance system.

UCam 247-HDO 1080

UCam 247-HDO 1080This is a good full HD camera for outdoor use. It has a ring of infrared LEDs which allow for high quality night vision, even in total darkness. This camera is good because it works like an IOS or Android app. Once the camera is hooked to the router network, viewing can be done immediately.

It connects automatically to WIFI if the connection goes off and on. It has high resolution in image quality and small things such as car plates are easily recognizable. Motion sensors record any movement and save it as directed, in a separate disk server. It goes for 200$ but is well worth the price.

Lorex LW2110 Camera

Lorex LW2110 Camera The Lorex camera is made for both indoor and outdoor use. It is easy to install as all it needs is to plug in before use. The camera is attached to a flex stand therefore it allows for a greater degree of surveillance and field of vision.

The feed can be monitored on a screen or recordings sent to a DVR. To top it all, it is water proof and thus perfect for those rainy days. The image quality and night vision are commendable.

Balkin’s NetCam WIFI Camera

This night vision camera is affordable (150$) and has a HD resolution of 720p. It connects directly to the router and viewing is done by downloading a free NetCam app to a mobile device.

This is convenient as there is no need for a computer and viewing can be done from anywhere. It has a wide-angle video for more coverage and infrared night vision with very clear images. There is the option for email alerts for motion detection.

Samsung SmartCam

Samsung SmartCamThis high resolution camera has non-visible infrared LEDs and requires no manual configuration to set up.

It syncs automatically to WIFI networks and creates an account where users can register to view real-time footage.

The video recording is high resolution and top quality. There is also no installation software required and it comes at the friendly price of 149$