Top 5 Wireless Security Cameras in 2015

Wireless security cameras are the best option for home and business surveillance without requiring extra man power. The brands and uses of cameras in the market vary; the remote access ones can be used to monitor caregivers and children back at home whereas the outdoor ones allow for homeowners to view who is at the door or monitor the perimeters of their houses. Wireless security cameras

Wireless security cameras are equipped with sound and motion sensors that send an alert to users if triggered. In situations where wired security systems are not a viable option, wireless security cameras are the best to install. Knowing the brands and features of cameras in the market plays a fundamental role in making an informed decision before buying one. Some of the top 5 brands in 2015 are as follows;

Dropcam Pro

This has been praised in reviews as an easy to install monitoring kit for indoor use. It has a great clarity and image quality of 1080p as well as a 130 degree field of view and night vision. Unlike most other brands, it has a zooming feature that allows users to focus on a particular area.

There is no configuration needed for this camera; no memory card changes, no Ethernet cables and no need to set up servers. All surveillance is done in a cloud after installing.

Dropcam Pro

This easy to use system, with all its features can be bought for 150-200$. This is definitely a good bargain for such a versatile and sound home surveillance system.

UCam 247-HDO 1080

UCam 247-HDO 1080This is a good full HD camera for outdoor use. It has a ring of infrared LEDs which allow for high quality night vision, even in total darkness. This camera is good because it works like an IOS or Android app. Once the camera is hooked to the router network, viewing can be done immediately.

It connects automatically to WIFI if the connection goes off and on. It has high resolution in image quality and small things such as car plates are easily recognizable. Motion sensors record any movement and save it as directed, in a separate disk server. It goes for 200$ but is well worth the price.

Lorex LW2110 Camera

Lorex LW2110 Camera The Lorex camera is made for both indoor and outdoor use. It is easy to install as all it needs is to plug in before use. The camera is attached to a flex stand therefore it allows for a greater degree of surveillance and field of vision.

The feed can be monitored on a screen or recordings sent to a DVR. To top it all, it is water proof and thus perfect for those rainy days. The image quality and night vision are commendable.

Balkin’s NetCam WIFI Camera

This night vision camera is affordable (150$) and has a HD resolution of 720p. It connects directly to the router and viewing is done by downloading a free NetCam app to a mobile device.

This is convenient as there is no need for a computer and viewing can be done from anywhere. It has a wide-angle video for more coverage and infrared night vision with very clear images. There is the option for email alerts for motion detection.

Samsung SmartCam

Samsung SmartCamThis high resolution camera has non-visible infrared LEDs and requires no manual configuration to set up.

It syncs automatically to WIFI networks and creates an account where users can register to view real-time footage.

The video recording is high resolution and top quality. There is also no installation software required and it comes at the friendly price of 149$


Best 5 IP Cameras 2015 : Dropcam to Simplicam and SwannCloud

Here we have top 5 IP cameras that are available on the market in 2015. Let’s take a look. All products are well-reviewed and you can pick just one of them which better suit your purposes.

Dropcam Pro

This camera resembles a miniature hockey puck which is attached to a black aluminum stand. It has a unique minimalist design which gives way to a powerful lens that records 720p HD Video at 30 frames per second.

This typically allows recording of crisp security footage and capturing of important moments to share with others. Its lens has a 130 degree field of view. Generally, Drop cam Pro works in a tandem with infrared LEDs to produce clear and quality pictures in complete darkness.

With its digital zoom feature, it can magnify videos up to 8 times using its secret weapon to avoid degrading of the image quality. The zoom mode normally focuses on the smaller part of a larger video although enhancement devotes extra processing power to produce clear pictures.

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro SNH-P6410BN

Samsung SmartCamThis SmartCam HD Pro specifically uses a 2.8mm lens with a 128 degree field of view which produces 1080p HD Video at a 30 frames per second. Basically, this means that the camera captures more details compared to other best IP Cameras in 2015.

It has a digital zoom power of 10 times on web browsers; however, the mobile app normally has a 4x zoom power.

This camera uses infrared LEDs lights to illuminate dark areas and record night vision video in black and white. The night vision video is only effective up to 16 feet away from the camera. Samsung offers 2 storage options; local and cloud. Its cloud storage typically requires no subscription fee like many other cloud providers.

Lorex LNC216

This type of camera uses 2 lenses to capture video, one of which is designed for a low light recording at night to give an above average night vision range of 30 feet. It distinctively records clear security footage at a resolution of 720p at 30 frames per second.

Basically, its video quality is equal to that of the best IP Cameras. This camera has a narrow field of view of only 66 degrees which monitors a small sliver. Lorex LNC216 usually gives 2 local storage options; record to a microSD card or to your computer’s hard drive.


SimplicamThis is a HD IP camera with a 107 degree field of view and a powerful resolution of 720p giving clear video pictures during the day and at night. The camera utilizes infrared LEDs to illuminate most areas at night.

It offers a 4x digital zoom which helps in inspecting activities in video clips. Simplicam cloud storage option, closeli recording services, allows saving of clips, schedule recordings and activating face detection.

SwannCloud HD ADS-456

This IP Camera offers crisp video and local storage options all in an attractive package. The HD camera records 720p HD video at 30 frames per second thus allows the camera to produce high quality security footage.

SwannCloud HD ADS-456

SwannCloud uses infrared LEDs to record activity up to 16 feet away. All the videos can be recorded by inserting a MicroSD card into the internet camera’s memory Slot. The camera also keeps video on a cloud server and you can obtain the video footage if you log in using your SwannCloud account.

3 Ways to Set Up a Security System for Home

The house and office are the two main places where most of your valuable materials are kept. Such places need to be kept safe whether one is around or traveling. Apart from these, you also need security for yourself whenever relaxing especially when sleeping at home.

Wireless security system

While numerous steps have been taken to enhance security around properties, it is widely agreed that non of these can beat the performance of a well established wireless security system. Some of the solutions currently available in market include:

1. Alarm systems

Using radio wave frequencies, these systems can detect motion around places where they are set on. If anybody enters the place while you are away, the a siren will be sounded just like in vehicle alarms.

Alarm systems

These systems range from basic ones that make noise to alert the neighborhood to the highly complex types which can also detect fire. Some of these will need to be completely deactivated when you are around to prevent them from going off on you.

2. Webcam surveillance

There are various commercial security webcams in market that are suitable both for outside and internal environments. Cheaper versions of these are simply put in a hidden place and can record daily happenings.

The camera is usually dormant and only activates when a movement occurs. This prevents it from consuming memory space by recording non significant events.

webcam surveillance

Other advanced systems are integrated with alarm and emailing applications. They can collect snaps and send these directly to your inbox so that you see the intruder before taking the next step.

3. Text message security app

These systems use varying degrees of technology which are integrated with an app in your mobile phone. They may either use your main mobile service provider text message service or communicate to you through the app.

There are also certain systems that integrate all these features thereby increasing your flexibility and ease of use. Most of them however are quite expensive.

Text message security app

Where to get a security system

Most of these devices are usually simple and can be fixed by you. Others however require a technician. Whichever you choose, you can still get a reliable one to meet your budget. Here’s how to find a suitable one for you:

1. Enquire from friends

If you are thinking of acquiring a wireless security system, the best way to find one is ask people who have used these before or are currently using them. They probably have had experience with these and therefore can tell you between good and bad.

2. Online search

Many online outlets currently sell these products. These can be found by making a simple keyword search on google or other machines. Before opting for such, it is important to read through customer reviews since some of these can give vital information.

3. Get a professional

Professionals in wireless security system installation and monitoring are currently available in most regions. At times a particular application may not be suitable for certain locations. Contacting these before you purchase one will help you to receive the best advice and avoid wasting on something that might not help.

5 Best Wireless IP Camera System in 2015 Reviews

Starting from the first practical photographic breakthrough by Louis Daguerre, way back in 1837, cameras have undergone magnificent changes over the two centuries. Let’s fast forward to today, wireless IP cameras are digital cameras often used for surveillance and are capable of sending and receiving data through the internet or computer network.

The beauty with these digital cameras is the wireless aspect of it, this means that when you hook your camera to a power source, there are no more worries of finding a cable that will essentially reach into your computer.

So how do you determine which wireless IP camera suits your needs?

Firstly, establish what you need. Many buyers often don’t really know which type of wireless IP camera suites and would satisfy their needs. As a result, they get sucked into buying wireless IP cameras that are beyond what they need.

Before clicking or picking on that item to buy, always ask yourself: what conditions will the camera be located in? (Hallway, outdoor, low light or bright); what precision of data do you want to capture? (HD images with or without audio) and most importantly, what is your budget?

wireless ip camera

Secondly, another essential feature to consider before getting yourself a wireless IP camera is the pan and tilt range. Of course, this feature will depend on the environment where you intend to use the camera. A wide pan and tilt range is never a bad thing.

Thirdly, zooming capability of the wireless IP camera is also vital. Ensure that you check the type of zooming capability, whether its optical or digital. Most of the IP cameras in the market are digital, but you’ll never fail to find one with optical zoom.

This feature becomes crucial depending on the environment you want the camera to focus on. If the distance between the camera’s location and environment is far apart, you better opt for one with optical zoom capability.

Fourth, test the equipment before purchase. This is vital, especially when you are buying from your local electronic store. Always request for a test setup as this will enable you to determine the picture quality of the camera. In addition, it will give you an opportunity to learn how to set up the equipment in a proper manner to ensure that you get the best image and audio quality.

Top 5 wifi IP cameras for 2015

TRENDnet Wireless Surveillance Camera

Are you looking for a lovely home security camera in 2015 that will capture the data you need with precision? Well, TRENDnet has you sorted with TRENDnet TV-IP672WI.

This cool gadget features 7.5 meters night vision indoors, which is perfect for capturing data when it’s pitch dark; has 2-way audio and pan 340 degree side to side plus a 115 degree tilt up and down to ensure that the data is captured no matter the angle.

Foscam FI9821W

Foscam FI9821WThis is one of Foscam’s top-end model packed with superior night vision and HD video though it’s slightly smaller at 1280 x 700 resolution.

This model is easily accessible on iPhone, Android and even Blackberry Apps.

A downside to this model is the zooming capability, which is a bit difficult to use. Unfortunately, there is no control over how much you can zoom.

DropCam HD

DropCam HDThis gadget features HD video quality, 2 way audio, motion detection and alerts. A major advantage with DropCam HD is the setup process which has been made very simple. It’s such a breeze compared to other competitive brands.

The only downside is that it will consume a large amount of data capacity can reach up to 60GB per month.

If you opt for DropCam HD you have to consider whether you are capable to have that much data consumed each month.


TENVIS JPT3815W If you are in need of a neat surveillance camera and you are on a tight budget, then TENVIS JPT3815W might be the answer.

It features a friendly UI, Enhanced Camera Rigidity and stainless steel bearings.

It has good night vision in a dark room. However, the power cord that comes with the camera is only 3-4 feet long, and unless you have already installed a custom electric outlet near the place you intend to mount the camera you might have a bit of a problem.

Foscam FI8918W

This model is also a low budget camera which features pan-tilt zoom, auto IR-LED illumination and 2-way audio. The downside to this model is the low resolution compared to the cameras featured here.